TECHNOLOGIKI ODOSTROMATON Private Company is a specialized construction company with headquarters and facilities located in Thessaloniki, the company's main activities are pavement maintenance and improvement in Greece and abroad.

Our main focus is the implementation of modern integrated technologies for pavement maintenance and improvement by providing the appropriate resources in terms of people and infrastructure.

The core activities of the Company include:

A. Maintenance and improvement of pavements with two basic expertise:

  • The use of slurry seal / microsurfacing techniques of various types.
  • Joints repair.

B. Road traffic management by electronic or conventional means.



  • The Company has excellent know-how on the subject as it is staffed by experienced scientific and technical staff.
  • We have specialized machinery and it is the only company within the Greek territory owning machines for the construction of slurry seal.
  • Up to date, we have performed successfully demanding projects in Greece and abroad for customers that are major construction companies, municipalities and public institutions, in full compliance with all project specifications.